We're pleased to offer the following services in our Animal Emergency Center:

kitty1.png Appointments

Because emergencies are by nature unexpected, we do not accept appointments at the Animal Emergency Center. Walk-ins are always welcome.  Patients are seen based on severity, and otherwise on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Services Available For Your Pet's Emergency Needs

Pain Control
   - Injections   - Constant Rate Infusions

Fluid Needs
   - IV Catheters
   - IV fluids - different fluids for different needs
   - IV fluid pumps - from 1cc/hr to 1 liter/hr
   - Syringe pumps - add medication slowly IV
   - IV warming

Hospitalized ICU Care
   - Heated cages
   - Warm air heating devices - Bair hugger
   - Incubator
   - Oxygen cage, mask or hood
   - Nebulizer
   - Nursing care - all patients are monitored by our nursing staff overnight and over the weekends

   - Fresh frozen plasma
   - Packed red blood cells for anemic patients
   - Blood typing - both cats and dogs
   - Whole blood transfusions from donors on site

   - detoxification baths   - induction of vomiting   - activated charcoal

In-House Lab and Diagnostic Abilities

Digital X-Rays

We have incorporated into our practice the ability to take one of the highest quality digital radiographs in Central Florida. Each radiograph takes 2-4 seconds to process and a copy of these radiographs are sent home with the owner on CD. All of our radiographs are also sent to be read by a board-certified veterinary radiologist to ensure that your pet gets the highest level of care possible.

Digital Endoscopy
     Foreign bodies in the stomach or esophagus can often be removed without the need for invasive surgery.

Ultrasound machine
Guiding for cystocentesis or scanning the abdomen or thorax.  Pregnancy checks available.

Monitoring Capacity
   - Blood pressure (PetMAP)
   - Pulse oximeter
   - EKG
   - Constant digital temperature monitor for hypo/hyperthermic patients
   - Constant thermal monitoring system for hypothermia or surgeries
   - Warm water blankets - safest for surgical patients

Blood work/Diagnostics
   - Complete in-house bloodwork (chemistries, complete blood cell count, electrolytes, blood gases)
   - Cytology with Photo-microscope
   - Urinalysis
   - Blood clotting profiles (apTT, pTT)

Complete Surgical Suite
    Minor cuts to major exploratory surgeries are available. IV and inhalant anesthesia is available and intubation is available to all patients. All patients are heavily monitored by our experienced staff while in surgery.
Examples of surgeries peformed:
   Minor cuts/lacerations
   Wounds requiring drainage
   Foreign body removals
   Caesarian sections
   Chest drains
   Severe trauma

Types of Pets Seen
We are able to treat these type of pets:

  • Dogs
  • Cats

*Select veterinarians only. Call us for more information.

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Feedback From Our Clients

  • "Wonderful, caring people, helped my dog, Emmi,. right away and the vet tech that greeted us and took care of my dog in the room was very knowledgeable, checked all her vitals and assured me she was stable. She was prompt to inform the doctor what was going on and update me constantly. I brought my dog in for a cute diarrhea. They gave her fluids, meds and made her better! Very knowledgeable! Thank u!"
    Erin K.